Canadian iphYs satellite symposium overview

On May 21st, the EPION Metabolic Monitoring and Research working group, with the sponsorship of the Ottawa On Track Program and support from EENet, hosted the Canadian iphYs Satellite Symposium - Keeping the Body in Mind, in Youth with Psychosis. Improving Health Outcomes in Youth with First Episode Psychosis.

Over 75 in person participants and 50 webinar participants joined to interact with world-renowned experts on managing weight gain, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes in persons receiving early psychosis intervention (EPI). Stakeholders included psychiatrists, nurses, front-line mental health professionals and advocates, including social workers, family doctors, patients, and families involved with early psychosis intervention.

In the afternoon, an interactive session took place, which aimed at developing tailored approaches to metabolic management for EPI programs across Ontario. A report from the event will be available soon and posted on this web space.

The objectives of the symposium were to learn:

  • About the need for early, regular metabolic monitoring and lifestyle approaches to preserve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of individuals with psychosis.
  • How weight gain and metabolic abnormalities develop in youth starting antipsychotic medications.
  • Lifestyle and skills interventions that can help reduce weight gain in people starting antipsychotic medication.
  • Strategies to improve collaboration with primary care providers.
  • Neutraceutical approaches that improve the metabolic status of individuals with psychosis.

See the presenter biographies.

Check out the twitter feed using #caniphys2015 from the event.

Morning Session

Watch the morning webinar recording.

See the slides:

Afternoon session

See the presentation slides:

World Café session

The in-person attendees participated in a World Café session in the afternoon where attendees grouped together to discusses the following questions below. To watch the report backs from the groups, go to the afternoon recorded link and the World Café bookmarked at 1h:19m:57s. A short report from the discussions will also be available soon.

Here are the questions discussed:

  • What are the current Canadian best practice metabolic monitoring and treatment guidelines for individuals with serious mental illness? What are the key challenges and strategies for implementing these guidelines in our current environment?
  • What are strategies for engagement, metabolic monitoring and intervention in minimally resourced and or rural areas?
  • How can we creatively engage youth in improving /maintaining their physical health as part of recovery from psychosis?
  • How can we link with primary care? How can we evaluate collaboration, monitoring and intervention?
  • What are exercise options, strategies and resources for youth with psychosis?

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