Finding Your Way - Free dementia safety online course

Finding Your WayⓇ is a provincial program developed by the Alzheimer Society of Ontario and funded by the Government of Ontario.

Aimed at educating the public and key community partners across the province, it is an important resource for understanding dementia and how to keep people with dementia safe in our communities. It’s important to know that:

  • Approximately 200,000 people in Ontario have some form of dementia.
  • Women make up 72% of people with Alzheimer’s disease in Canada, and nearly the same percentage of women serve as family caregivers for someone with the disease.
  • 60% of people with dementia go missing at some point, and half of those who go missing for 24 hours end up injured or dead.

The Finding Your Way website provides excellent multicultural resources and a free online course that covers dementia education, proactive measures to help keep people safe, what to do when someone has gone missing, and what to do if you find someone who seems lost.

Visit the Finding Your Way website for more details!

Stats provided by the Alzheimer Societies of Ontario and Canada

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