Help to end homelessness in Canada

From: LYNN MACAULAY, MSW, RSW  |  Homelessness and Housing Umbrella Group (HHUG) Initiatives Coordinator|  519-749-8305 ext. 5237

In November we celebrated the release of the National Housing Strategy.  This historic piece of legislation clearly shows that the Federal Government has a strong commitment to reducing homelessness and improving and increasing affordable housing stock. The target set out in the NHS is to reduce persistent homelessness by 50% by 2027. This is an amazing, life changing and impressive leap forward.  But what if we could end and prevent homelessness in Canada? 

Saskatoon West MP Sherri Benson believes we can.  In her role as CEO of the United Way of Saskatoon she helped to create the plan to end homelessness in Saskatoon. She is now sponsoring Motion-147 (M-147).  It would require the Federal Government to create a committee of Liberal, Conservative and NPD MP’s. This committee would conduct hearings and then create a plan to prevent and end homelessness. A report back to the government would be required within 12 months.

Your help is needed to get M-147 passed. Sherri has created a link on her webpage so that you can quickly and easily let Hon. Jean-Yves Duclos (Minister responsible for the National Housing Strategy) and his Parliamentary Secretary Adam Vaughn know that you support her motion.  Please take 1-2 minutes to click and use this link

Read M-147 and frequently asked questions about M-147.

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