Learn the fundamentals of program evaluation

Formerly known as the Program Evaluation as Organizational Development Certificate (PEOD).

You’ve created a program plan. You’ve executed your strategy. Your programs are running – but are they effective? How do you know if they meet the needs that you designed them for? How do you prove to your board or funding stream that your program is worth continuing?

With limited resources a common theme in many workplaces, the need to evaluate your efforts (and adjust accordingly) has never been greater.

Offered by the Centre for Community Research, Learning and Action (CCRLA) through the Office of Professional Development, this certificate provides an active learning experience designed for the working professional. Learn when to use different types of evaluation and how to assess program outcomes while completing your own evaluation plan.

The instructors offer specialized expertise and a unique learning experience in this blended format certificate, with both online modules and interactive virtual class sessions over 8 months.

Learn more about the certificate and join an informational webinar on Tuesday September 15 at 10:00AM.

Learning outcomes

  • Develop a strong program theory of change and logic model.
  • Know what evaluation approach and type suits your needs
  • Conduct effective interviews and focus groups.
  • Design surveys.
  • Analyze survey and interview data.
  • Create a knowledge mobilization strategy
  • Apply findings to improve programs and services.
  • Integrate evaluation approaches into organizational learning and development.

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