New improvements to the EPION Metabolic Monitoring App

screenshot of new changes to the app, highlighting the "what will change" sectionThanks to all who shared feedback on how to improve the app for your use! The improvements made to the Goals/My Healthy Lifestyle Changes section, now includes suggestions/prompts for the client to select from, including:

  • What will change? Select all that apply: Body Mass Index; Waist size; Have a balanced diet; etc.
  • Where will I do it? Select all that apply: Outdoors; At home; At school; etc.
  • How will I do it? Select all that apply: Reduce sodium intake; Drink water as primary beverage; Walking, aiming for 10,000 steps/day, etc.
  • Who will help me? Select all that apply: Doctor; Friends; Teacher; etc. 
    • Once client selects 'who', a pop-up open text box will also appear asking: How will this person help me reach my goal?
  • Results to look for. Select all that apply: Balanced diet; Weight loss; etc 
  • The completed form print out has also been tightened so there is less white space.   


EPION would also like to give a shout out to Keri Latta, Nurse Care Coordinator at CMHA Thunder Bay for helping to review these updates! Keri shares her review here:

"It looks great. I really like the list of “danger zones” at the end and follow up. The information is more together and easier to read on the print off. We continue to find this app very useful with following up with metabolic with our clients. Like we have said before sitting with them and letting them see the risks and were they are at can be a real eye opener for them and they always find it helpful in positive way." Keri Latta, Nurse Care Coordinator, CMHA Thunder Bay

Please continue to send us more suggestions on how we can update the app for your use. Also let us know if your program wants a quick virtual demo, which can be 15 minute virtual tours incorporated into your team meetings. 

For more information, visit the Metabolic Monitoring App.

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