Ontario’s full evidence priority agenda now available!

Today, Evidence Exchange Network (EENet) is excited to release the Sharing Together Full Report: Developing an evidence priority agenda for Ontario’s mental health, substance use, and addictions system.

Sharing Together is an EENet initiative that aims to promote the use of evidence to improve the health care experience, quality of care, and the overall health and wellbeing of all Ontarians. Through Sharing Together, stakeholders identified the evidence they need so they can better do their work and navigate the mental health, substance use, and addictions system.

This full report outlines stakeholders’ prioritized evidence needs, and why this evidence is important for system transformation. The report also includes:

  • capacity building needs of specific stakeholder groups;
  • alignment between Sharing Together’s findings and current provincial initiatives; and
  • next steps in responding to the range of opportunities to develop and use evidence to support the transformation of Ontario’s mental health, substance use, and addictions system.


For more information contact:
Alexandra [dot] Harrison [at] camh [dot] ca
Angela [dot] Yip [at] camh [dot] ca

Watch the recorded webinar launching the full evidence priority agenda!

Do you have specific ideas and innovative ways to respond to the evidence needs? What are your thoughts on the full evidence priority agenda? Do you have suggestions for next steps? Share your thoughts and feedback on the Sharing Together on EENet Connect!

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