Quality standards for youth and family engagement

It has been great to see growing capacity and dedication to youth and family engagement in the child and youth mental health sector over the past few years.

As more and more agencies in Ontario have begun to work on or enhance their youth and family engagement efforts it has become clear that there is a need for a shared understanding and a consistent set of practices that reflect high-quality engagement across the province.

Ontario’s Child and Youth Mental Health Lead Agency Consortium identified this as a priority, and were tapped to co-develop these quality standards along with young people, families, agency leaders, researchers and service providers from across Ontario. 

These quality standards lay the foundation for consistent, formalized, measurable youth and family engagement practices in Ontario. The standards are each made up of a series of quality statements (or principles) that intersect and work together to form high-quality engagement. The statements do not stand alone, but together, they describe what high-quality engagement looks like at the system level. 

Now that we have draft standards, we’re developing coaching and implementation resources to support organizations who want to put the standard into action. We’re also looking to refine the standards and the draft measurement tool. So, take a look at the quality standards and let us know what you think by sharing your feedback in a short, four-question survey. 

Take a look at the quality standards for youth engagement and for family engagement then share your feedback in this short, four-question survey! 

An accompanying draft measurement tool has also been developed. Please email cymhstandards [at] cheo [dot] on [dot] ca if you would like to receive a copy. 

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