Released today: A quality standard on transitions between hospital and home

Health Quality Ontario has released a new quality standard that addresses care for people going home after a hospital admission.

Transitions between hospital and home are complex, multiple-step processes that require integrated communication and coordination among the patient, their caregivers, the hospital team, primary care, and home and community care providers. When not managed well, patients may suffer harm from errors and delays in care. 

  • Download this standard to learn what quality care looks like.
  • Read the recommendations for system adoption.
  • Share this guide with patients to help them ask informed questions about their care.


This quality standard addresses care for people of all ages transitioning (moving) between hospital and home after a hospital admission. The transition from hospital to home is commonly referred to as a “hospital discharge.” This includes people who have been admitted as inpatients to any type of hospital, including complex continuing care facilities and rehabilitation hospitals. “Home” is broadly defined as a person’s usual place of residence and may include personal residences, retirement residences, assisted-living facilities, long-term care facilities, hospices, and shelters. 

The scope of this quality standard includes all clinical populations, including groups that often face challenges with transitions, such as people with complex care, mental health, addictions, palliative, or end-of-life care needs. The scope also includes all health care providers. 

See the quality standard.

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