The Roshni Project: Highlighting the Lived Experience of South Asian Women - Webinar recording now available

Part 3 of NEW NARRATIVES Webinar Series

Watch this webinar, presented by Evidence Exchange Network, a part of the Provincial System Support Program at CAMH to hear about The Roshni Project: Highlighting the Lived Experience of South Asian Women.

Learn about:

  • The mental health realities of young South Asian women.
  • The roles of family, faith communities, educators, and mental health service providers.
  • The process and benefits of co-creation as a source of empowerment.


This webinar took place on Thursday, June 27, 2019, 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT

About The Roshni Project

Following many years of hearing young South Asians in the Greater Toronto Area share challenges with accessing culturally-informed mental health supports and services, we came together to find a way to help. Young South Asian women in particular expressed a need to see a young South Asian mental health professional that ‘looked like’ them. Someone who understood what it was like to be a woman and straddle two completely different cultures — being Canadian and being South Asian.

Through these dialogues emerged a number of gaps in the systems surrounding these young people, with the central and repeated theme being understood as a young South Asian and the role of gender in their experiences.

Read more about the project on or on the CAMH website.

About the presenter

Dr. Gursharan Virdee is a psychologist and researcher at CAMH and has worked in a variety of settings ranging from tertiary inpatient services through to community mental health teams and not-for-profit organizations in both the United Kingdom and Canada. Dr. Virdee currently works with adults and adolescents, and specializes in psychosis, mood and anxiety disorders, addictions, self-harm and trauma. In her work, Dr. Virdee adopts a strengths-based approach to empower individuals, families and communities. She has a special interest in culturally appropriate psychological assessments and interventions.

Dr. Virdee's research focuses on expanding our understanding of mental health recovery for diverse populations, including immigrant and racialized youth. Dr. Virdee leads The Collaborative for South Asian Mental Health — a group of researchers and service providers working to improve the mental health of South Asian communities in Canada. As part of this work she leads The Roshni Project, a program of research to enhance the mental health outcomes of young South Asian women. Dr. Virdee is also on the board of the Regional Diversity Roundtable, Peel Region.

About Sharing Together

This webinar emerged as a response to Sharing Together, an EENet initiative that aims to promote the use of evidence to improve the health care experience, quality of care, and overall health and wellbeing of all Ontarians. The two evidence priorities it addresses are effectiveness of services and integrated healthcare.

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