Seeking your opinion

Do you belong to a visible minority?
Have you experienced a mental health problem?
Have you filled out the Ontario Common Assessment of Need (OCAN) tool in the past 6 months?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you can share your opinion about the OCAN tool:

  • Does it help you share information on your mental health, gender, culture, and ethnicity?
  • Does it help you share some of the challenges that you face, so that you can get the supports that you need?
  • What are the key issues, benefits, and challenges of using this tool?

For more information read the flyer. If you are interested, please register by January 21, 2015 with Zahra Ismail at zismail [at] ontario [dot] cmha [dot] ca or 1-800-875-6213 x4157 and let us know which date you prefer.

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