Staged screening and assessment implementation ramps up

Drug Treatment Funding Program

All 14 LHINs are actively engaged in various stages of planning to implement the new staged screening and assessment (SS&A) process. To date:

  • 135 organizations have been involved in training;
  • Over 700 staff members have participated in the screening tools orientation webinar (GAIN-SS, MMS, POSIT);
  • More than 67 full-day assessment tool trainings have taken place with over 700 staff (GAIN Q3 MI ONT);
  • Almost 400 staff have successfully completed the three-month Site Interviewer certification process;
  • There are 90 fully certified trainers in communities across the province and another 24 engaged in the certification process.

The project team is coaching agencies through the SS&A implementation process, so that the new mandated tools will be embedded in daily practice. They’re also evaluating the implementation process, gathering feedback from trainees, trainers, and LHIN mental health and addictions leads to ensure they’re receiving the implementation support they need.

Next steps

Moving from successful certification to active implementation is a major focus of the next phase of the project.

The project team is developing more resources to help agencies and clinicians implement and embed the SS&A process in their day-to-day work. Among these resources are:

  • an implementation guide that acts as a companion to the training,
  • a clinical interpretation webinar to support use of the GAIN Q3 MI ONT reports in treatment planning, and
  • quick video tutorials on specific aspects of tool administration.

The team is also working with DATIS to extract data gathered with the screening and assessment tools. In the coming months, the team will share information such as the number of assessments completed in agencies across the province as well as the clinical profile of individuals accessing care. This information will help us better understand the complex needs that the system is responding to.

Implementation coaches will continue to engage with agencies to support their efforts to embed the tools in their workflow processes.

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