Top 10 insights about the role of intermediaries in supporting systems change

The implementation of evidence-informed policies and practices across systems is complex and multifaceted. In order to facilitate this process, policymakers, innovation developers and service delivery organizations are increasingly calling upon intermediaries to support implementation, yet relatively little is known about precisely how they contribute to it.

On December 10, 2019, McMaster Health Forum presented a webinar featuring Heather Bullock, PhD (Executive lead of RISE). She discussed the role of intermediaries (organizations that work between policy makers and service deliverers) and how they support systems change. She drew insights from her recent examination of intermediaries in mental health systems in several high-income countries. 

Also sharing insights on this topic were Alexia Jaouich, PhD, from the Provincial System Support Program at CAMH, and Purnima Sundar, PhD, from the Ontarioi Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health.

Watch the webinar recording.

Webinars in this series feature top ten insights into health- and social-systems, evidence-informed policymaking and a range of key health and social issues, from McMaster Forum experts and influential policymakers, stakeholders and researchers from around the world.

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