Training: Mindfulness, co-regulation, and the art of holding space

Co-regulation is a key component in today’s popular intervention models such as Collaborative Problem Solving (CPS), Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI), Somatic Experiencing (SE), and more. More and more evidence-based approaches in trauma-focused care are demonstrating that a critical quality of the care-giver or helping professional is their ability to create the conditions for co-regulation. Essentially, this work happens through role-modeling and the unconscious process of de-escalation that occurs when someone who is calm and collected can hold space for someone who isn’t. 

Our ability to effectively provide this co-regulation takes practice. Mindfulness is a state of being: in which we are present, connected, and in full awareness of what is going on both inside ourselves and all around. Mindfulness practices are the tools that allow us to orient ourselves toward this state of present-moment awareness.

With regular practice, it becomes easier to regulate our own emotions and levels of activation in the presence of others who are activated. When we can be present to whatever arises, we can also create the conditions for change.

Learning objectives

  • Begin to develop a mindfulness practice, including meditation and breathing exercises, for use at home or at work to support emotional regulation and mental health
  • Enhance understanding of nervous system activation, somatic experiences of emotions, and co-regulation which may be the result of unresolved trauma and apply this knowledge to support healing.
  • Apply mindfulness and present-moment awareness to increase effectiveness of other trauma-informed interventions Increase ability to wind down from and soothe the nervous system after a crisis intervention 
  • Use mindful awareness in the context of crisis intervention techniques to effectively de-escalate situations and strengthen problem-solving with others.


Non-member fee/Frais des non membres$209.05

Member fee/Frais des membres$141.25

Group discount of 20% for groups of 4 or more. Contact Angela for information or to register: 905 889-5030, x121.

Course dates

October 19, 2017, Kingston
January 22, 2018, Ottawa

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