Trauma, addiction & mental health workshops

News from the Canadian Harm Reduction Network:

All Canadian Harm Reduction Members receive a 10% discount on the upcoming 6 Day Trauma Counselling Certificate Course when they register before June 30th!  That's a savings of $95! If interested, please e-mail Register [at] SOSWorkshops [dot] ca or call 226-268-2307 for details (new registrations only, offer valid until June 30th only, additional group discounts may apply).  See details below or visit

Also coming this fall: Complex PTSD and Developmental Trauma with Natalie Zlodre and  Embodied Attachment with Deidre Fay.  For details, visit 

To receive monthly updates about professional development and training on trauma, mental health and addiction related issues.  E-mail Register [at] SOSWorkshops [dot] ca to be added to our mailing list.  

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