Update on Sharing Together sessions

Thank you for taking part in the Sharing Together dialogues! We appreciate that you took time out of your busy schedule to share and discuss your evidence needs and priorities.

Here’s a brief update on what’s happened since your in-person session and what we’re doing next:

Seven in-person regional dialogues were held across Ontario between January and April 2017, including one held in French. One virtual dialogue was also hosted with Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) representatives.

Two hundred and thirty-six people participated, from nine stakeholder groups, including agency leadership, direct service providers, family caregivers, persons with lived experience, researchers, and system planners. These diverse participants represented 14 sectors that included community and hospital mental health and addictions, housing, justice, and public health.

Across the eight dialogues, eleven priority evidence themes were identified:

  • Access to services
  • Capacity building and workforce development
  • Children and youth, including transition-age youth
  • Continuum of housing and homelessness
  • Culturally safe and competent care that reflects cultural knowledge
  • Effectiveness of services
  • Harm reduction
  • Integrated healthcare
  • Prevention and promotion, including suicide prevention
  • Standardization of care
  • Supporting the voice of persons with lived experience and caregivers

EENet is developing regional dialogue summaries to share with all participants by the beginning of June. EENet will then analyze the data from the regional dialogues and a soon to be launched online survey, to identify specific priority evidence needs across the province.

A provincial evidence priority agenda will be launched in September 2017, which EENet will use to guide its work, and through collaboration with partners across Ontario, respond to your priority evidence needs.

As an initial step, we’ve identified some preliminary knowledge resources that you might find useful. You’ll find those at http://eenet.ca/initiative/sharing-together#about.

Stay tuned for the regional summary report! And thanks again for your participation!

For information please contact:
Alexandra Harrison, Regional Knowledge Exchange Lead, alexandra [dot] harrison [at] camh [dot] ca
Angela Yip, Knowledge Broker, angela [dot] yip [at] camh [dot] ca

Read about the French session!


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