Webinar: HEIA Step 4. Monitoring implementation

Join the HEIA Community of Interest for the fourth of its five-part webinar series on the steps of the HEIA. HEIA is a practical tool for identifying and improving the health equity impacts of your policy, program, or initiative. The Ontario government developed HEIA for more than just health organizations. If you create policies or deliver services that might have an impact on people’s health, HEIA is for you.

Date: April 29, 2020
Time: 12:00 - 12:30 PM EDT

The fourth step of HEIA uses evaluation strategies to monitor the mitigation plans implemented in the third step. In this webinar, Bonnie Trimble and Bailey Hamilton of STRIDE will present about their journey with the monitoring stage. STRIDE recently conducted a HEIA on its new pre-employment program. This webinar will discuss the process STRIDE went through to monitor the effects of its mitigation strategies.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • identify some tools that can be utilized to measure possible success within a HEIA
  • be more aware of the importance of continuing to monitor the effects of changes or modifications based on your HEIA
  • anticipate some difficulties that come with Stage 4 to plan appropriately.

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About the presenters

Bonnie Trimble has worked in the mental health field for the past 30 years. She began working with young offenders at CASATTA Open Youth Detention Centre and then moved into crisis work at ROCK. She has spent the majority of her career working with youth in crisis and their families. For the past eight years, she has worked at STRIDE, managing the Youth Employment and Peer Mentor Programs. She is currently the management representative responsible for advancing health equity within STRIDE.

Bailey Hamilton is a Youth Employment Specialist at STRIDE. She works with youth who experience difficulties with mental health or substance use concerns and assists with their employment needs. Bailey graduated from Ryerson University with her Bachelor of Social Work. Throughout her university career, she was passionate about diversity and equity in her community, and continues to be. She applied and strengthened her skills while applying the HEIA for STRIDE’s new Pre-Employment Program.


STRIDE (Supported Training and Rehabilitation in Diverse Environments) is a Halton-based organization that provides employment support to individuals impacted by mental health and addictions challenges.

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