Webinar: The mindful way to pandemic recovery

Since 2018, Waypoint Centre for Mental Healthcare (Waypoint) has infused mindfulness programming into educational and leadership initiatives to strengthen healthcare workers’ wellbeing. Mindfulness programs are expected to boost empathy, reduce stress and anxiety, build resiliency, and mitigate healthcare worker burnout. In response to the rise in mental health concerns around the pandemic, and in collaboration with Mindfulness Without Borders (MWB), Waypoint retooled the 12-week Mindfulness Ambassador Program (MAP) into a 4-week (30 minutes/session) skills-based program to be delivered virtually.

In this context, Waypoint and Georgian College collaboratively secured funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada to study the efficacy of brief online mindfulness programs on mitigating burnout and enhancing resiliency and empathy in frontline healthcare workers in the Simcoe-Muskoka area during COVID-19. The waypoint research team further secured funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to qualitatively explore the facilitator and participant’s experience.

This Waypoint Talk will be an interactive session where participants will learn about the findings from the mindfulness research projects. There is an excellent line-up of speakers, including a guest keynote from Megan Kirk Chang, who will introduce mindfulness and what happens to our brains when we cultivate mindfulness. We also have the research team; Drs. Soyeon Kim and Sarah Hunter, and Nicole Adams who will introduce the projects and the quantitative and qualitative findings. Last but not least, we have Nicole Mace who retooled the 12-week Mindfulness Ambassador Program (MAP) into a 4-week program and delivered the program to frontline healthcare workers during the pandemic. Nicole will tell you of her experience and the 4-week skill-based MAP. Nicole will also end the talk by sharing tools and strategies for participants to take away and practice at home

Date: Thursday June 10, 2021

Time: 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. EDT

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Nicole Mace

Organizational Development Consultant @Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Nicole Mace works for Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care as an Organizational Development Consultant. Her specialty is in the area of leadership development and workplace health. Nicole is an organizational LEADS facilitator, complemented with a background as a facilitator for the Mindfulness Without Borders, which is a leading provider on evidence-based mindfulness programs (Mindfulness Ambassador Program, MAP). She uses her combination of skills to support community development, individual growth, and self-awareness. Nicole holds a Masters of Arts (Leadership), Honors Bachelor of Kinesiology, and a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology). She has been an active coach for 20 years, working with groups and individuals. Nicole specializes in program development, implementation and strategy alignment and has a passion for supporting wellness and focused resilience strategies.


Dr. Soyeon Kim

Research Scientist @Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Dr. Soyeon Kim, is a Research Scientist at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care and an Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster University, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences. Dr. Kim received her PhD in Developmental Psychology and Education from OISE, University of Toronto. Her postdoctoral fellowship at the Offord Centre for Child Studies at McMaster University investigated how social processes relate to adolescent mental health by using psychiatric epidemiological methods and approaches. So far, her research has culminated in 16 published and unpublished papers and successfully obtained 3 research grants. Dr. Kim is currently leading a dedicated team of researchers examining how mindfulness can act as a buffer during and after the pandemic. She aims to contribute research evidence that has a direct impact on developing new policies, practices, and programs to reduce mental health problems for healthcare workers and youth.

Dr. Sarah Hunter

Researcher @Georgian College

Dr. Sarah Hunter (she/her), is an emerging researcher, mindfulness practitioner, learning strategist and Ontario certified teacher. Dr. Hunter recently received her PhD in Educational Sustainability from Nipissing University. Her doctoral research examined how student success is conceptualized and supported in higher education. Her work in the classroom has instilled the importance of supporting social and emotional development, and on building ecosystems that disrupt systems of power and nurture wellbeing. After spearheading a grassroots mindfulness culture at Georgian College, alongside a team of colleagues, Dr. Hunter shifted her research gaze to the efficacy of mindfulness and its role in cultivating human resiliency and creating braver spaces for living and learning. Dr. Hunter researches and teaches at Georgian College and at Lakehead University in their faculty of education and graduate studies and supports Mindfulness Without Borders as Head of Program Research and Innovation.

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