Webinar: Who's ready for engagement with rural communities?

Rural populations are historically underrepresented in health research. Simply having more research take place in rural settings, however, is not enough to address this gap in knowledge. This KTConnects webinar will consider the idea that community members may wish to be partners, and not merely ‘stakeholders,’ in research. To do so, they will explore community-based participatory research approach as a means to achieve a deeper commitment to rural health research. 

Date: Friday January 29, 2021

Time: 3:00 PM EST

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Learning objectives

  • Examine the notion of stakeholder engagement in the context of community-based participatory research in rural and small town places.
  • Recognize the diversity and heterogeneity of rural community settings, and the challenges and opportunities these present for knowledge creation.
  • Consider the implications of participatory rural engagement for knowledge translation and exchange.


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