Canadian Cannabis Survey 2018 summary

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The "Canadian Cannabis Survey 2018 summary" presents findings from the second data collection cycle of the Canadian Cannabis Survey, which started May 15, 2018, and ended July 9, 2018. Survey findings were weighted by province, age groups and sex at birth. The results for 2018 are based on online responses from 12,958 respondents aged 16 years and older across all provinces and territories. The 2018 survey findings look at patterns of cannabis use in Canada, such as the quantities of cannabis consumed and use of cannabis for medical purposes, the cannabis market (such as sources of cannabis and pricing) and issues of public safety (such as impaired driving). It also looks at changes to willingness to publicly report cannabis use if legal, perceived risk of using cannabis in various ways, expected source of cannabis once it is legal, absenteeism from school and work as a result of cannabis use, and receiving treatment or counseling for cannabis use.