What do you know about integrated healthcare?

Do you know of any evidence, initiatives, or resources related to the following topics?

  • Best practices, protocols, and policies that increase collaboration and information sharing between service providers
  • Integrated healthcare approaches for rural and underserviced areas, and marginalized populations

Or do you know of a content expert that would be willing to share their knowledge?

EENet is compiling evidence from various sources related to the 20 evidence needs identified through Sharing Together. For more information about why Sharing Together participants said this evidence was needed to help them do their work better or navigate the system better, see the Sharing Together report.

We will be sharing and promoting the evidence and resources we collect on eenet.ca. You can take a look at the resources about integrated healthcare we've found to date.

Please post below or email Alexandra Harrison (alexandra [dot] harrison [at] camh [dot] ca) or Brandon Hey (brandon [dot] hey [at] camh [dot] ca).

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