Webinar Recording & Interactive Powerpoint: Stepped Care 2.0 with founder Dr. Peter Cornish

Webinar: Stepped Care 2.0 with founder, Dr. Peter Cornish

Dr. Peter Cornish and his team at Memorial University of Newfoundland developed Stepped Care 2.0 – a model of care that aims to reduce the burden of mental illness on society through more efficient self-corrective systems of care offering the low-est level of intervention intensity warranted by initial and ongoing assessments.

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You will learn:

  • The Stepped Care 2.0 model; and
  • How you can apply lessons learned from Dr. Cornish’s experience developing and implementing Stepped Care 2.0 to your own work

Target audience:

System planners, service providers, researchers and others in the mental health and addiction system

This event was hosted by the Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.