Community Treatment Orders (CTO): A course for CTO Coordinators, Physicians and others involved in CTOs


This free, online, self-directed course is designed for community treatment order (CTO) coordinators, physicians and other in Ontario who are involved with CTOs. 

Register for the course and follow the prompts to create a Moodle account and sign up for the course. View the course flyer.

CTOs are issued by physicians as a way to ensure that people with serious mental health conditions remain well in the community. They outline the treatment, care, and supervision that a person will receive. CTOs last for six months, and include a comprehensive treatment plan, which outlines aspects like medication, medical appointments, services, and community supports.1

The goal of this course is to increase knowledge and awareness of CTOs for CTO coordinators, physicians and others in Ontario. The course consists of five interactive modules that include learning activities, videos, and case studies on the following topic areas:

  • Legislation related to CTOs
  • The CTO process
  • Community Treatment Plan content
  • Past Consent and Capacity Board and court decisions
  • Tracking CTOs across the province


The course takes approximately three hours to complete, and you can choose to complete the whole course or only certain modules. If you complete the entire course, you will receive a letter of completion or a letter of accreditation.


Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada – Section 1. This course is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, approved by Continuing Professional Development, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. If applicable, you may claim a maximum of 6 hours (credits are automatically calculated).


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CTO "Ask the Expert" session, Part 2, with Kendra Naidoo, CAMH Legal Counsel  

This webinar session is taking place on Friday September 25, 2020. It is only open to those registered for the course. For more information, sign up for the course


Project partners

The development of this course was supported by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, an advisory committee and subject matter experts. The advisory committee members include:

  • Dr. Branka Agic, Director, Knowledge Exchange, Provincial System Support Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Kim Delarosbel, CTO Coordinator, North Bay Regional Health Centre
  • Krishni Ganesan, Policy Advisor, Policy, Accountability and Provincial Partnerships Branch, MOHLTC
  • Dr. Tom Hastings, Psychiatrist
  • Kendra Naidoo, Legal Counsel, CAMH
  • Dr. Arash Nakhost, Psychiatrist, St. Michael's Hospital
  • Lora Patton, Vice Chair, Consent and Capacity Board
  • Cathy Plyley, Community Treatment Order Consultant, St. Joseph's Healthcare
  • Emily Schact, CTO Coordinator, Grand River Hospital
  • Ruth Stoddart, Senior Policy Advisor, Policy, Accountability and Provincial Partnerships Branch, MOHLTC 


The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of MOHLTC.


1. Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office. (2016). Available here. Accessed November 14, 2018.

Project Contact: 

Contact: pssp [dot] courses [at] camh [dot] ca (j)jason [dot] guriel [at] camh [dot] ca or Angela [dot] Yip [at] camh [dot] ca

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