New: Behavioural Supports Ontario's dementia observation system

The Behavioural Supports Ontario Provincial Coordinating Office (BSO PCO) is pleased to announce the release of the BSO-DOS© (Behavioural Supports Ontario-Dementia Observation System)!

The BSO-DOS© is a direct observation tool that provides objective and measurable data about a person living with dementia. Clinical teams and care partners can use the data to identify patterns, trends, contributing factors and modifiable variables associated with responsive behaviours/personal expressions. This information is useful to develop and evaluate tailored, person-centred interventions to address unmet needs through activities, environments, approaches and/or medications.

Working in collaboration with Dr. Lori Schindel Martin (author of the original DOS), the BSO PCO has had the privilege to lead a project to update and standardize the DOS.  Throughout the project, the provincial DOS Working Group consulted and gained feedback from over 350 health care professionals and individuals with lived experience from across Canada.  This collaborative work produced the new enhanced, standardized DOS; now called the BSO-DOS© (Behavioural Supports Ontario-Dementia Observation System).  

The BSO-DOS© and all its supporting resources can be found at The supporting resources include:

  • Start-up checklist
  • Instructional video
  • User guide
  • Resource manual


A complete list of acknowledgments can be found in the Resource Manual.

The BSO Provincial Coordinating Office looks forward to hearing about the implementation of the BSO-DOS© through an implementation survey found in the Start-Up Checklist.

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