Building capacity for routine fidelity monitoring in Ontario: Event highlights and resources

This symposium funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Services Research, brought together planners, decision makers, providers, and individuals with lived experience together to discuss fidelity monitoring in Ontario's community mental health and addiction system. This event took place on November 12th in Toronto at CAMH.

Gord, Avra and Janet (Planning committee leads)

Fidelity assessments are a strategy to monitor and improve quality of care in relation to expected practice, and are an important data source for a learning health system.

In the Ontario community mental health and addiction sector, we lack system-wide data to describe current practice and guide change efforts. However, Ontario experience in conducting and using fidelity reviews for program and system improvement is building. The time is right to advance fidelity monitoring in Ontario’s community mental health and addiction sector.

The planning committee invited key stakeholders in the community to share Ontario and international initiatives and discuss the role of fidelity assessments in Ontario’s data strategy.

The objectives of the day were to:

  • Increase understanding of the value of fidelity assessments.
  • Share information about current models and methods for implementing routine fidelity assessments.
  • Understand enablers and obstacles to doing fidelity work.
  • Develop recommendations to advance implementation of sustainable routine fidelity assessment.

About 50 participants came together to discuss:

  • Should fidelity assessments be part of the Ontario data strategy?
  • What is working or not working about current approaches to fidelity measurement?
  • What would an ideal fidelity assessment system look like in Ontario?
  • What do you see as facilitators to making this happen?
  • What are some barriers, strategies to address them?
  • What is the first or next step towards this goal?

A summary of the event discussions will be available soon.

Keynote Disscuant: Aristotle, Gord and Janet

Symposium resources

  • Symposium program.
  • Symposium backgrounder. This backgrounder is intended to provide symposium participants with an orientation to the topic of fidelity assessment. In addition to briefly reviewing fidelity purposes and methods, it summarizes a number of Ontario fidelity initiatives.


  • Keynote presentation, Dr. Lisa Dixon, Professor of Psychiatry, and Director of the Center for Practice Innovations (CPI) at the Columbia University  Medical Center, New York. The aim of the CPI is to advance delivery of evidence based treatments and services for recovery and wellness in New York State. Dr. Dixon described the structure and approach of the CPI, focusing on the use of fidelity assessments.

Keynote: Lisa Dixon

Panelist: Shannel Butt

Panelist: Catharine Vandelinde

Panelist: Donna Pettey


If you're interesting in joining the Fidelity Monitoring Community of Practice, contact Janet [dot] Durbin [at] camh [dot] ca.

Symposium Planning Committee members

  • Dr. Janet Durbin, Provincial System Support Program, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  •  Gordon Langill, Canadian Mental Health Association, Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge branch
  •  Avra Selick, Doctoral trainee, University of Toronto
  •  Debbie Bang, Addictions and Mental Health Ontario
  •  Dr. Tim Aubry, University of Ottawa
  •  Angela Yip, PSSP, CAMH
  •  Kevin Barclay, Champlain Local Health Integration Network
  •  Dr. Yona Lunsky, Azrieli Centre for Adult Neurodevelopmental Disabilities & Mental Health, CAMH
  •  Dr. Branka Agic, PSSP, CAMH
  •  Dr. Karen MacCon, PSSP, CAMH
  •  Dr. Chiachen Cheng, Northern Ontario School of Medicine