New funding opportunity: $100,000 for your e-mental health project

We are thrilled to announce a new funding opportunity, in partnership with Mental Health Research Canada. Together, we are offering three grants valued at up to $100,000 each, to explore the use of technology to enhance or support child and youth mental health in Ontario — and, ideally, beyond! 

We are convinced that, in today’s digital world, there are undiscovered or underexploited technological solutions for many of the barriers and challenges that Ontario’s children, youth and families face as they seek mental health help. That’s why we’re calling on researchers and innovators in our sector who would like to test out their big ideas! 

We’re looking to fund three projects that advance innovative, evidence-based digital solutions and have the potential for broad impact. As such, priority will be given to proposals that have the potential for scaling within and beyond the province of Ontario.  

You have until April 5 to apply

To learn more about this opportunity, including the terms of the grant and eligibility, or to apply, please visit


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