New PEAK resources now available

As mentioned at the last EPION General Network Meeting, the Partnerships, Education, Access and Knowledge Translation (PEAK) Working Group is happy to announce the release of 3 new resources for families and young people about early psychosis.

Intended to complement existing EPION resources about signs and symptoms of psychosis, the new series of info sheets will help youth and families navigate the early stages of early psychosis intervention. 

PEAK's new resources cover the following topics: 

  1. Accessing Services: how to get help for yourself or a loved one (PDF, 162kb). This focuses on when and how to get help in Ontario and explores urgent and non-urgent pathways to care.
    For EPION program use: Accessing Services – with space for program label (PDF, 162 kb). 
  2. Family Guidance: how to support a loved one to get help (PDF, 133kb). This offers suggestions for how to have difficult conversations around psychosis and supporting someone getting to care.
  3. Medications 101: what you should know about antipsychotics (PDF, 119kb). This provides basic information about antipsychotic medications, including common side effects and the impact of antipsychotic medications on the brain, while doubling as a medications journal for clients.


You can also access all three resources on the EPION webpage.

EPION's new resources are currently available in English, with translations into French and other languages coming soon.

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