Alcohol policy in Ontario community of interest

The Alcohol Policy in Ontario community of interest will bring together stakeholders and experts in the field of substance misuse from all levels of prevention: primary, secondary and tertiary.  

The purpose of the Alcohol Policy in Ontario CoI is to prevent alcohol misuse (including addiction) at a population level vis-à-vis the implementation of evidence-informed interventions addressing the seven alcohol policy levers:

  1. Alcohol pricing and taxation
  2. Alcohol availability
  3. Managing the drinking environment
  4. Drinking and driving countermeasures
  5. Restrictions on marketing
  6. Education and persuasion
  7. Treatment and early intervention 


The objectives of the Alcohol Policy in Ontario CoI and Working Group are to facilitate:

  • more collaboration and partnership in sectors outside of public health
  • easier access to high-quality evidence and evaluated programs that would allow for more efficient program and policy development/implementation at a jurisdictional level
  • the creation of a forum for meaningful discussion regarding trending topics pertaining to alcohol policy at a provincial level.


The CoI launched in 2017, and is currently moving into its third year of operation. A core working group helps move the CoI forward and consists of: researchers, public health, law enforcement, and a knowledge broker. The working group is currently looking for new members; if you are interested in getting involved please contact Rupinder [dot] chera [at] camh [dot] ca.

The CoI has supported the following activities:

Member Organizations

General membership in the CoI includes stakeholders in: public health, law enforcement, education, hospitality, municipalities, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, chronic disease and injury prevention, union associations, addiction and mental health agencies.

Member organizations include: 

  1. Centre for Addiction and Mental Health 
  2. Ontario Public Health Association Alcohol Work Group
  3. York Region
  4. University of Toronto
  5. Public Health Ontario
  6. Ontario Public Service Employees Union 
  7. Ontario Provincial Police and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario 
  8. Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario
Project Contact: 

COI Lead, Norman Giesbrecht, Emiretus Scientist, CAMH, Norman [dot] Giesbrecht [at] camh [dot] ca


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