Digital Health Solutions to Support Women with Addiction During COVID-19: Applying a Gender- and Trauma-Informed Lens

The global COVID-19 pandemic has had extensive impacts on the mental health and substance use of Canadians. The healthcare system has rapidly adapted current models of care, primarily through the use of digital health platforms and supports. The availability of digital health resources to support women with addictions or substance use concerns is critical during this time. Current guidelines have highlighted the importance of addiction treatment for women being both gender- and trauma-informed.


This project synthesized current knowledge about digital health resources for addressing substance use concerns, providing:

  1. A scoping review of addiction-focused digital health resources available in Canada, including their efficacy for adults who have substance use concerns and who identify as women and/or disclose a history of trauma.
  2. A rating of addiction-focused digital health resources available in Canada, including the degree to which they incorporate principles of gender- and trauma-informed care.


On September 24, 2020 we hosted a webinar on digital health solutions to support women with addictions. The webinar featured a panel of experts highlighting:

  • Digital health resources that are currently available for supporting women with addictions
  • Gaps and limitations of available resources
  • The importance of digital health solutions that are both gender and trauma informed


Access the webinar slides or view the webinar recording

Project partners and funders

Project partners:

  • The Jean Tweed Centre for Women and their Families
  • Centre for Addicition and Mental Health (CAMH)
  • Centre for Innovation in Peer Support at Support and Housing - Halton


Funded by:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

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Project Contact: 

Project contact

Lena Quilty

lena [dot] quilty [at] camh [dot] ca

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