Human services and justice coordinating committee community of interest

The Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee (HSJCC) is a voluntary collaboration between health and social service organizations, community mental health and addictions organizations, and partners from the justice sector. Members include crown attorneys, judges, police services, and correctional service providers. 

The HSJCC network consists of 42 Local HSJCCs, 14 regional HSJCCs, and a provincial HSJCC. In addition to regional HSJCC chairs representing their regions, the provincial HSJCC also consists of ex-officio members from the following five provincial ministries: Attorney General, Children and Youth Services, Community and Social Services, Community Safety and Correctional Services, and Health and Long-Term Care.

The HSJCCs were established in response to a recognized need to coordinate resources and services, and plan more effectively for people who are in conflict with the law. Priority consideration is for people with a serious mental illness, developmental disability, acquired brain injury, drug and alcohol addiction, and/or fetal alcohol syndrome. 


The goals of this CoI are to:

  • Identify and share best practices that improve the lives of individuals with mental illness and/or addictions who have come into contact with the law.
  • Share information with organizations and sectors outside the HSJCC network.
  • Identify provincial service and policy issues related to human services and justice, and make recommendations for addressing these issues.  

Visit the HSJCC website for more information about our activities.

Project Contact: 

Lead organization

Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee

CoI lead

Mike Dunn mdunn [at] cmhastarttalking [dot] ca

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