National Youth Screening Project: Enhancing youth-focused, evidence-informed treatment practices through cross-sectoral collaboration

National project

Project description/objectives

Funded under Health Canada’s Drug Treatment Funding Program (DTFP), the National Youth Screening Project (NYSP) was implemented to enhance evidence-based practices in the treatment of youth substance use in Canada through collaborative work involving decision-makers, service providers and other stakeholders. There were two parts of the project:

  • Part 1 (2010-2014)
    Enhancing Youth-Focused, Evidence-Informed Treatment Practices Through Cross-Sectoral Collaboration
  • Part 2 (2015-2017)
    Putting the ‘Youth’ in Youth-Focused Services. A Focus on Developmentally-Informed Care.

Project description/objectives

This project achieved the following goals

•    Part 1, Phase One: Developed cross-sectoral networks in 10 communities across Canada to implement a common screening tool (GAIN-SS) in order to learn about youth substance use and mental health needs, enhance service provider capacity, increase early intervention opportunities and improve pathways to treatment for youth aged 12-24 years with substance use and concurrent disorder concerns. A national Phase One report was developed, as well as 10 local reports, a one-page executive summary and executive summaries in both English and French.
•    Part 1, Phase Two: Shared Phase One local and national findings in five of the participating Phase One communities in a series of consultation meetings with groups of youth, family members, service providers and policy and decision makers to generate feedback and further develop project recommendations. A national Phase Two report was developed.
•    Part 2: Continued to build cross-sectoral collaborations and linkages in 14 communities to improve pathways to care for youth with problematic substance use. Built capacity for, and implemented, developmentally-informed and specific practices at the service provider, agency and community levels to meet the unique needs of younger and older youth, with particular attention to transitions from youth to adult service systems. Implemented a common screening tool (GAIN-SS) in two communities. A national Developmentally-Informed Care report was developed, as well as a Collaborative Service Delivery report for the Yukon Territory and two screening reports.
All project reports can be accessed by clicking the links below.


National Youth Screening Project Report_Phase One
National Youth Screening Project Report_Phase Two

NYSP Executive Summary - 1 page
NYSP Executive Summary - English
NYSP Executive Summary - French
National Youth Screening Project - Cape Breton Region
National Youth Screening Project - Prince George, British Columbia
National Youth Screening Project - Thompson, Manitoba
National Youth Screening Project - St. John's, Newfoundland
National Youth Screening Project - Prince Edward Island
National Youth Screening Project - Kelowna British Columbia
National Youth Screening Project - Pictou County, Cumberland County
National Youth Screening Project - Dehcho, NWT
National Youth Screening Project - Yellowknife, NWT
National Youth Screening Project - Nunavut

Part 2

Developmentally-Informed Care:

Collaborative Service Delivery:


Review the findings from the Ontario Youth Screening Project (OYSP).


Project Contact: 

Project leads

Gloria Chaim, Deputy Clinical Director, Child Youth and Family Programs, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Gloria [dot] Chaim [at] camh [dot] ca
Joanna Henderson, Clinical Scientist, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Joanna [dot] Henderson [at] camh [dot] ca

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