ReInspired: A podcast series by EENet



A podcast series by EENet


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Episode 1: Under the Influence - In this podcast, we will talk with Leia Minaker about her research article "Under the Influence" to learn more about risky driving and cannabis use among youth. Find out what the research says and how you can use this information in your work.

Episode 2: The Effects of Increasing Alcohol Availability & Accessibility - In this podcast, we'll talk to Dr. Norman Geistbrect about his article "Do alcohol pricing and availability policies have differential effects on sub-populations? A commentary," to learn more about alcohol availability and pricing. Find out more about what happens to people's health and well-being when you make alcohol easier to get, and who needs to know about it.


Project Contact: 

Rebecca or Michelle at eenetpodcast [at] camh [dot] ca

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