Strengthening substance abuse treatment systems: Evidence-based system change using a comprehensive change management model (British Columbia)

Project description/objectives

The purpose of this project is to build tools, relationships, and processes for addiction knowledge exchange (KE) that will facilitate the implementation and support of evidence-informed practices and principles, support KE activities, and foster meaningful connections between practitioners and organizations across substance use services and supports in BC.

This project will focus on the following priority areas:

  • Evidence-informed practice;
  • Alignment with the National Treatment Strategy;
  • Address stigma: building compassionate, inclusive, welcoming systems of care;
  • Enhance capacity to engage and support youth, families, and caregivers of youth with substance use and mental health concerns;
  • Support links to primary care;
  • Develop and implement standards for youth and adult residential substance use services.

For more information about this project please click on the links below:


BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix A

BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix B

BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix C

BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix D

BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix E

BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix F

BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix G

BC_DTFP_FinalEvaluationReport_Appendix H

Project Contact: 

Project lead: 

Shannon Griffin, Director, Planning and Strategy Development, BC Mental Health & Addiction Services
Jane Collins, Program Manager, Research & Networks, BC Mental Health and Addiction Services

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