Best practices in peer support project


Peer support and mutual aid is increasingly being used as a tool in substance use treatment. These resources provide a valuable support for individuals to change in addition to motivation to maintain healthier behaviours.

In the previous round of DTFP funding, AMHO conducted a literature review of lived experience networks and hosted a consultation to seek feedback on the benefits and design of a peer support network for Ontario. The project resulted in the development of a framework for a Lived Experience Addictions Focus Network.


This project will develop and disseminate a framework and best practice recommendations for peer support work in Ontario.

The next phase of the project will review the recommendations from the previous phase and identify the key areas for further development and implementation. It may include:

  • Broad-based communication and targeted outreach strategies to engage key stakeholders;
  • Support for the creation of peer-led initiatives by consumers and families/friends with lived experience of substance use;
  • Provide mentoring on governance models and strategic support to network for selection of representatives
  • Development, planning, and implementation of a leadership training program as well as training modules for those providing peer support services;
  • Development and support of a Peer Support Speaker’s Bureau;
  • Development of guidelines to engage and involve political and industry leaders.

Value for the system

This project will:

  • Provide the necessary tools to ensure that peer support services are provided in an effective and consistent way and are effectively incorporated into Ontario’s substance use treatment system;
  • Develop best practices in peer support to guide system-wide improvements.

This project is made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada. © 2015 EENet.

Project Contact: 

Project lead

Janis Cramp, Senior Manager of Member Relations & Projects, Addictions and Mental Health Ontario. janis [dot] cramp [at] addictionsandmentalhealthontario [dot] ca

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