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Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA) is a practical decision support tool that helps to identify and address potential unintended health impacts that a plan, policy or program could have on vulnerable or marginalized groups. The HEIA tool was developed by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and other key stakeholders to advance health equity and reduce avoidable health disparities between population groups.

About the HEIA  CoI

The HEIA CoI is an online community for knowledge exchange and collaborative knowledge creation about the HEIA tool. The CoI supports the implementation of the HEIA tool across Ontario, encourages sharing of the results of HEIA application and builds evidence on the effectiveness of HEIA. 

The HEIA CoI is intended for planners, service providers, policymakers and researchers with an interest in and commitment to health equity, and particularly the HEIA and other equity-driven planning tools. Champion organizations help lead the activities, direct the work and provide resources to CoI members.


The overarching goal of the CoI is to support the application of the HEIA tool to reduce inequities in access, quality and outcomes of health and related services in Ontario. Specifically, the CoI aims to:

•    promote and support the use of HEIA as a tool for equity-based planning in Ontario.
•    facilitate knowledge exchange about HEIA in order to build HEIA capacity among a broad range of stakeholders.
•    generate and share evidence on the effectiveness of HEIA.
•    be a HEIA resource for interested stakeholders.

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Resources and news

Please visit the HEIA community of interest website on the Portico Network for more information and resources on the HEIA and the HEIA CoI, including the HEIA online course, archived webinars and recordings, and information on upcoming events.

Project Contact: 

CoI lead organization

The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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Contact healthequity [at] camh [dot] ca

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