Part 1: An introduction to implementation science

Research shows that there’s an estimated 17-year gap between the creation of health evidence and its use. Even then, only 14% of research evidence becomes incorporated into day-to-day practice.

Last week, the CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre hosted the first webinar in a series: An Introduction to Implementation Science. Featuring presenters from CAMH’s Provincial System Support Program (PSSP) and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, this series aims to develop a working understanding of Implementation Science, increase awareness of implementation tools, and explore the application of Implementation Science to health promotion and public health settings.

Simply put, Implementation Science is the study of methods that promote the uptake of evidence-based practice in real-life settings.

In the first webinar, titled Implementation Science: the What, the Why, and the How, presenter Alexia Jaouich (Senior Project Lead, CAMH PSSP) showed how the gap between evidence and action occurs when a particular practice is adopted but not used with fidelity. The gap also happens when what is used with fidelity is not sustainable at the best scale or scope to make a critical difference. 

View the webinar recording and download the presentation slides.

Watch part 2 in this webinar series, “Drivers of Implementation and Change”.