Developing critical pathways and increased capacity for screening, brief intervention and referral

Description and objectives

Efforts to ensure access to addictions services require engagement beyond addictions agencies; developing pathways with primary care providers and mental health services. Front-line service providers will be consulted to identify priorities that will strengthen these connections. In addition to implementing recommendations, screening, brief intervention and referral (SBIR) will be piloted using a model currently being piloted in Saskatchewan and demonstrating significant promise. This process will assist practitioners to screen for alcohol, prescriptions drug and illicit drug misuse and intervene based on the risk level of the patient. Pilot sites will ideally include a range of services throughout Manitoba, including First Nations communities.

This project is made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada. © 2015 EENet.

Project Contact: 

Project leads

Tina Leclair, Executive Director, Addictions Policy & Support Branch Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors, Government of Manitoba
Sean Leggett, DTFP Systems Project Coordinator

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