Improving reporting compliance and data quality among Ontario’s addiction treatment agencies

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Agencies that provide treatment for substance use and problem gambling in Ontario are required to report data on client demographic and treatment use to the Drug and Alcohol Treatment Information System (DATIS). This project aims to improve reporting compliance and the quality of reported data by specialized addiction treatment agencies in Ontario.

Project Objectives

The project has two primary objectives:

  • Develop training modules and materials for frontline and management staff at Ontario addiction agencies related to reporting requirements, data entry, and data quality.

  • Ensure all existing and new addiction treatment providers in Ontario have access to the following:
  1. training materials;
  2. web-based training modules that can be delivered via web-conference or in-person.

Course material will be developed in collaboration with treatment providers. In addition to familiarizing key agency staff with the statistical reporting requirements and procedures, the training program will provide a basic level of training in records management and protection of personal health information.

Value for the System

The goal of this project is to improve the quality of service data being collected by addiction treatment agencies and agencies’ compliance with requirements to report data to DATIS. Underpinning the project is the assumption that by improving the knowledge base of agency staff in relation to the needs for quality data as well as mechanisms for data entry and reporting, the quality of data and agencies’ reporting compliance will improve. Agencies and health planners will jointly benefit from having high quality, accurate and complete data on a monthly basis.

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This project is made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada. © 2015 EENet.

Project Contact: 

Project lead

Claudio Rocca, Director, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Information System, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, claudio [dot] rocca [at] camh [dot] ca.

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