Strengthening PEI’s addictions treatment system


Prince Edward Island

Description and objectives

The purpose of this project is to create a more client-centered and responsive system to better meet the needs of clients through the use of evidence-based practice, knowledge exchange and performance measurement as tools.

  • Become a more welcoming system for complex and mentally ill clients (Comprehensive Continuous Integrated System of Care implementation) 
    Ongoing project work will focus on imbedding the Comprehensive and Continuous Integrated System of Care (CCISC) model in Health PEI’s Mental Health and Addiction Services. By implementing the CCISC, staff will identify proactive areas of improvement for programs, individual clinicians and the system, with the aim of making Mental Health and Addiction Services more welcoming and capable of handling clients with complex mental health and addiction needs.
  • Increase the number of clinicians using evidence-based practice (Motivational Interviewing uptake)
    Activities in this objective area will work toward system change that creates sustainability and accountability and ensures uptake of clinical practice (e.g., Motivational Interviewing [MI]). Mental Health and Addiction Services within Health PEI has established a Supervisor’s Community of Practice (SCoPe) to serve as a hub for the network of coaches and supervisors who will be responsible for ensuring training, coaching, coding and improving the practices of MI across the system. SCoPe serves as a working group for both the MI work and the CCISC work by providing a network for supervisors and an opportunity to engage in training and education, and shared learning opportunities.
  • Improve and expand adult programs to reflect the changing demographics of those seeking service (Adult Services Program renewal)
    Work in this area will focus on revitalizing adult addiction services to make programs more accessible and responsive to the changing needs of clients. Program models from other jurisdictions will be incorporated into program redesign.
  • Expand PEI’s Knowledge Exchange and Best Practice Network (National, regional and cross-jurisdictional collaboration)
    Participation in national, regional and multi-jurisdictional work has been one of the major value-added aspects of the DTFP funding stream. PEI participated in several national projects in the last funding cycle, and is committed to continue this participation as a result of the value that this work has brought to its system.

This project is made possible through a financial contribution from Health Canada. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the views of Health Canada. © 2015 EENet.

Project Contact: 

Project lead

Billie-Jean Flynn, Addictions Programming Manager, Health PEI

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