Coordinated and centralized access models – where to next?

Webinar recording

Those who need to access mental health and addictions services in Ontario often face numerous barriers. Learn about the different coordinated and centralized approaches being used across the province to improve access, and the next steps for the project.

In this webinar, you will hear about:

  • the current state of coordinated/central access for mental health and addictions in Ontario.
  • successes, challenges, and evidence-informed practices, as well as implications for current and imminent initiatives and evaluation.
  • ideas for planning the next steps with the coordinated/central access research project.

Watch the webinar recording here. To see the presentation slides click here. You can access the report here.

This webinar was presented by Addictions & Mental Health Ontario (AMHO) and the Provincial System Support Program at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).

The presenters:

  • Dr. Brian Rush, Scientist Emeritus, CAMH.
  • Birpreet Saini, Research Policy Analyst, AMHO.
  • Moderator: Gail Czukar, CEO, AMHO.