EPION report: Building a system to support quality care

The EPION Standards Implementation Steering Committee (SISC) has released a new report on the capacity of Ontario EPI programs to collect and use data for quality monitoring and improvement. While many programs are actively using data,  a multiyear commitment of dedicated resources and support is needed so that quality monitoring, such as through fidelity reviews, can be routinely conducted and programs can effectively use results to enhance quality.


The following recommendations were included:

  • Expand program and central supports to conduct and use fidelity assessments. Dedicated ongoing support is needed for sector-wide implementation and to support follow-up QI.
  • Develop and implement a common, minimum dataset to measure client outcomes. Base this data system on learnings from other jurisdictions with robust EPI systems, informed by the priorities of Ontario EPI programs and aligned with the work of the Ontario Mental Health and Addictions Centre of Excellence.
  • Secure funding for data collection infrastructure, including implementation support (e.g., engagement, training, site preparation and coaching) so that programs are equipped to collect and use data effectively, to create a common platform/strategy for collecting and reporting data, and to enhance central capacity to aggregate and share results that the sector can use in QI.

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