Frequently asked questions

What is the Ontario Perception of Care Tool for Mental Health and Addictions (OPOC-MHA)?

OPOC-MHA is a validated and copyrighted instrument developed by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) to measure client perception of care in mental health and addiction services. There are two versions:

  • One is to be completed by registered clients (38 items);
  • The second version is for family members/supporters (e.g., a parent who has a child in the program, a spouse or partner), who are not registered clients, but who are also receiving services from the program (17 items).

Demographic information is also collected to help organize the information and identify potential inequities in treatment. Client perception of care is gathered across the following seven areas:


Who is the OPOC-MHA administered to?

The OPOC-MHA is designed for clients and family members, significant others and supporters of mental health and addiction services and is:

  • Available in both English and French;
  • Validated for clients 12 years of age or older; and
  • Appropriate for a literacy level of grade-six or higher.

How and when is it administered?

OPOC-MHA can be completed electronically or on paper, and can be distributed at any point in the person’s treatment and support process. Completion time is about 10 to 15 minutes.

Each agency and/or program can determine how and when the tool should be administered, but must follow four key requirements:

  • Provide the entire questionnaire;
  • Ensure anonymity;
  • Ensure completion is voluntary; and
  • Provide facilitation, as needed.

Who will be involved in the implementation?

The OPOC-MHA is being implemented in all LHIN/ Ministry of Health and Long-term Care funded mental health, addictions and concurrent disorder services in Ontario. Implementation is beginning in approximately half of the LHINS, with the other half engaged in 2016.

What implementation supports are available?

The DTFP Implementation Team at CAMH is using implementation science to support the roll-out of OPOC-MHA. This evidence-based framework for implementing new practices is proven to enhance effective implementation and sustainability. Implementing agencies will be provided orientation and training on the implementation of OPOC-MHA. Project coordination, evaluation, data collection and analysis, and knowledge exchange support will be provided by the central team. Regional implementation coaches will support agency level implementation.

Who can I contact for more information?

For more detailed information regarding the OPOC-MHA and provincial implementation, please contact Renée Behrooz, Implementation Coordinator, at 416 535 8501 ext. 34041, or Renee [dot] Behrooz [at] camh [dot] ca.