Increase access to psychological therapies: Scotland’s adaptation

On December 9, 2014, EENet and CAMH hosted a webinar in the International Innovations in Mental Health series, titled, “Increase Access to Psychological Therapies: Scotland’s Adaptation.“

In this webinar, Geoff Huggins and Ruth Glassborow talk about processes that have been developed and used to increase access to psychological therapies in Scotland. Geoff’s focus is on policy and government perspectives, while Ruth speak to change management efforts.

Watch the webinar.

About the presenters

Geoff Huggins has been Head of the Mental Health and Protection of Rights Division in the Scottish Government Health and Social Care Directorates since November 2004. He has overall responsibility for the development, implementation, and delivery of mental health policy and legislation in Scotland.

Ruth Glassborow is an expert in the application of system improvement methodology to health services, which she combines with an in‐depth experience of managing complex change processes and enabling diverse groups of stakeholders to work together to deliver a common aim. Since 2008 she has led work across Scotland to support and enable mental health services to use systems improvement methodologies to deliver key national priorities.