New infographics highlight Ontario Student Drug Use & Health Survey

The Ontario Student Drug Use & Health Survey (OSDUHS) is a cross-sectional, anonymous survey of students in grades 7-12 in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. The survey monitors drug use, mental health, physical health, bullying, gambling, and other risk behaviours.

The survey has been conducted every two years since 1977, making it the longest ongoing student survey in Canada and one of the longest in the world. Two reports are available from each cycle, one focusing on student drug use, the other on student mental health and well-being.

A series of infographics highlighting data from The Mental Health and Well-being of Ontario Students, 1991– 2013: Detailed OSDUHS Findings are now available in English and French. The aim is to make OSDUHS data accessible to stakeholders in public health, health promotion, education, social services, government, and health care, and to inform public health monitoring, program planning, and policy making.

These infographics highlight data on indicators of mental health for the province as a whole as well as for individual Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs).The LHIN-specific infographics focus on students in grades 9 through 12 and compare LHIN and Ontario-wide data. An infographic focusing on the Ontario school setting is also available.

This series of infographics was developed by EENet in partnership with the CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre and the OSDUHS team.

To read the full 2013 OSDUHS report, click here. For the two-part webinar series focusing on the 2013 OSDUHS student drug use and health survey results click here.

For The Mental Health and Well-being of Ontario Students, 1991– 2013: Detailed OSDUHS Findings, click here. You can also watch this two-part webinar series on the Ontario student mental health and well-being results. Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.


We also have an additional infographic, which highlights the data on Ontario students' use of prescription opioid pain relievers. To see it click here