Ontario student mental health and well-being results (2013) - Part 1

This week the CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre (CAMH HPRC) and EENet co-hosted a webinar to share the recent 2013 CAMH Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey (OSDUHS) results. The OSDUHS is a cross-sectional, anonymous survey of students in grades 7-12 in Ontario’s publicly funded schools looking at drug use, mental health, physical health, bullying, gambling, and other risk behaviours.

Two reports are available from each cycle of the OSDUHS, one focusing on student drug use, the other on student mental health and well-being. Yesterday’s webinar focused on sharing the mental health and well-being results.

Following an overview of the OSDUHS findings, a panel discussion was held featuring speakers from the OSDUHS research team as well as other experts on mental health and well-being from CAMH and Public Health Ontario. The webinar was also an opportunity to launch a new series of infographics that share the OSDUHS mental health and well-being findings in English and French.

To watch the webinar click here and to see the presentation slides click here. To read the responses to the questions raised by attendees that were not addressed during the webinar click here. You can also watch our webinar on the Ontario student drug use results here.