Peer support in addictions and mental health in Ontario

On May 15, EENet hosted a webinar brought to you by Addictions Ontario, the Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addiction Programs, and the Self Help Alliance.

This event featured a discussion on the key themes of the Peer Support in Addictions and Mental Health Symposium, held in March 2013 in Toronto. The discussion centered around:

  • The training needs of peer supporters;
  • Challenges in delivering peer support;
  • Opportunities and future directions.

Watch this webinar and download the slides.

About the presenters

Janis Cramp, Manager, Administration and Member Services, Addictions Ontario/ OFCMHAP, leads Health Canada’s Drug Treatment Funding Program (DTFP) Peer Support Services: Best Practices Project. The goals of the project are to identify best practices that will assist in acknowledging peer support as a viable component of addiction treatment and recovery, and to develop a blueprint for an addictions-specific lived experience network.

Jerry Mings, President of the Desk Consulting Group Inc., is a quality manager and professional facilitator. Jerry is a consultant on the DTFP Peer Support Services: Best Practices Project.

Allan Strong, Team Lead, Skills for Safer Living and The Centre for Excellence in Peer Support, Self-Help Alliance, led the development of an EENet Community of Interest (CoI) focused on Peer Support. The purpose of the CoI is to bring individuals and organizations together to share resources, network, and promote the role that peer support plays (and can play) in the mental health and addictions systems of care.