Webinar recording: Innovative ways to create affordable housing

On November 26, 2019, the Ontario Housing First Regional Network Community of Interest (OHFRN-CoI) presents a webinar on innovative ways to create affordable housing.

View the webinar recording and download the presentation slides.

About this webinar

This webinar explores what Housing First practitioners can do to create affordable housing. You'll learn:

  • how to adopt a collective approach through an example of Toronto providers who have been working together;
  • recognizing the current limitations of the private rental market for Housing First programs, how to build dedicated rental stock by working better with your city, and with other resources and levels of government;
  • how current Housing First programs are working to create more affordable housing, including examples from Ottawa's scattered-site housing condo program and SHIP’s Hansen Development project.

The presenters

Brian Davis, Executive Director, Houselink Community Homes

Cory O'Handley, Director of Projects and Housing Development, Services and Housing In the Province (SHIP)

Lisa Medd, Housing Department Program Manager, Canadian Mental Health Association Ottawa

Maryann Roebuck, PhD Candidate at the Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services and School of Psychology, University of Ottawa

Moderators and OHFRN-CoI co-leads

Tim Aubry, Professor, School of Psychology & Senior Researcher, Centre for Research on Educational and Community Services, University of Ottawa

Geoff Nelson, Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Wilfrid Laurier University

The OHFRN-COI, supported by Evidence Exchange Network (EENet), assists communities across Ontario to develop, evaluate, and improve Housing First (HF) programs based on the Pathways model tested, adapted, and shown to be effective in the At Home / Chez Soi Demonstration Project. For more information, visit the Housing First CoI's webpage.