Webinar recording: Launching the full evidence priority agenda for Ontario

On January 24, 2018, EENet presented a webinar to discuss the full evidence priority agenda and highlight the next steps in responding to the evidence needs.

Watch the webinar recording and download the presentation slides.

The webinar included:

  • an overview of Sharing Together process and findings;
  • a panel discussion with:
    • Shana Calixte, Manager, Mental Health and Addictions, Sudbury & District Health Unit, Member of EENet’s Steering Committee
      “I was very excited to have had a northern perspective included in the Sharing Together report, which recognizes the various evidence needs of our area, and more specifically, indigenous communities. I really enjoyed participating in the process and hearing from various stakeholders that work in mental health and additions, or have a mandate for mental health and addictions” – Shana
  • Faith Rockbourne, Lived Experience Advocate and Member of EENet’s Person with Lived Experience and Family Member Panel
    “As a Lived Experience Advocate, this report can help me to speak more confidently to different audiences, as they’ll see that their priorities are the same as the priorities being experienced across the province. I’d like to see this Sharing Together report become a living document – and continue to be updated to include the changes made in the system in response to it” – Faith
  • Rod Olfert, Senior Integration Specialist, Champlain Local Health Integration Network, Member of EENet’s Steering Committee;
    “At the LHIN, we always need to think about what the best way forward is – based on the evidence - and we can look to documents like the Sharing Together report to help us support this process, so I’m really eager to get into the details of the report” - Rod
  •  a question and answer period.     

"We’re excited to launch the final Sharing Together report. The results are important for service and system planning, and align well with current system priorities. EENet looks forward to working with key stakeholders to move this priority agenda forward.” - Branka Agic, new Director of KE.

“Sharing Together involved more than 500 diverse stakeholders of the mental health and addictions system from across Ontario, to co-create this important priority evidence agenda.” – Nandini Saxena, Manager, Knowledge Exchange.

Please note that this webinar was presented in English.

Do you have specific ideas and innovative ways to respond to the evidence needs? What are your thoughts on the full evidence priority agenda? Do you have suggestions for next steps? Share your thoughts and feedback on the Sharing Together on EENet Connect!