Webinar recording: Part 2 New Narratives: Integrated treatment programs for pregnant and parenting women who use substances

Webinar recording: Integrated Treatment Programs for Pregnant and Parenting Women who use Substances

Part 2 of New Narratives: A Webinar Series


You can view the webinar recording here. 

You will learn:

  • About the unique mental and physical health service needs of pregnant and parenting women using substances 
  • What the researchers have uncovered about what works best when providing integrated treatment for this population
  • From other audience members about their ex­perience providing interventions for mothers who use substances

Target audience:

Service providers who are interest­ed in multi-sectoral collaboration, including those from substance use, mental health, child protec­tion, and public health sectors.


Dr. Karen Urbanoski is a Scientist with the Canadi­an Institute for Substance Use Research and Assis­tant Professor in Public Health and Social Policy at the University of Victoria. She holds the Tier 2 Cana­da Research Chair in Substance Use, Addictions and Health Services Research (2015-2020). Prior to com­ing to the University of Victoria in 2015, she was a Sci­entist at CAMH, where she still holds a position as a Collaborator Scientist. Dr. Urbanoski’s research pro­gram is focused on the social determinants of sub­stance-related problems and how these affect the accessibility, equity, and effectiveness of substance use services and, in turn, health outcomes.

Dr. Karen Milligan is a registered clinical psycholo­gist and Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Ryerson University. Her research pro­gram explores cognitive and emotional factors that impact on parenting and mental health outcomes of mothers and children. She has a specific interest in women parenting in the context of problematic sub­stance use and its associated harms and engages in community participatory research to assist in the development and evaluation of integrated treatment programs to improve outcomes for this population.

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Sharing Together

This webinar emerged as a response to Sharing Together, an EENet initiative that aims to promote the use of evidence to improve the health care experience, quality of care, and overall health and wellbeing of all Ontarians. The two evidence priorities it addresses are effectiveness of services and integrated healthcare.