Webinar recording: Using emotional mapping to understand experiences with OCAN: Part 2

On April 10, 2019, the EENet OCAN Community of Interested presented part 2 in a two-part webinar series. The webinar, titled "Using emotional mapping to understand experiences with OCAN," took a focus group of service users/clients through a quality improvement activity with help from staff (OCAN managers, trainers, and/or direct service providers).

The activity facilitatators provided instructions, advice, and coaching throughout the session. 

The purpose of this webinar was for service providers to understand how their service users/clients experience the OCAN process, in order to identify change ideas and opportunities for improvement.

Participants walked away with:

  • knowledge and tools for using emotional mapping with service users/clients
  • a better understanding of the main positive and negative points in the OCAN process from the service user/client perspective
  • ideas for strategies/change ideas that can be included as next steps

Watch the webinar recording and download the webinar slides. Download the emotional mapping PowerPoint template.

Webinar facilitators

  • Laura Daly-Trottier, Quality Improvement Coach, Excellence through Quality Improvement Project (E-QIP)
  • Jennifer Zosky, OCAN Specialist, Community Care Information Management (CCIM)
  • Ru Tauro, OCAN Community of Interest Lead and Executive Director, Oak Centre Clubhouse