Webinar: Supervised injection service-evidence and practice

Harm reduction is a term that refers to policies, programs, and practices that aim to reduce the negative health, social, and economic consequences associated with substance use without necessarily leading to cessation of a substance. Supervised injection services  are health-care facilities that provide sterile equipment and a safe space for people to inject pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of nurses or other trained staff.

Supervised injection services also provide access to nurses and other vital health and social services. As of January 2018,  there are 30 applications for supervised injection services either approved or pending approval in Canada, and within Ontario there are three facilities currently providing services and another six awaiting approval or final inspection ref.

In this webinar, experts will provide lessons from the field and share their experiences reflecting on successes, challenges, and opportunities of operating supervised injection services.

Download the presentation slides and download the answers to the webinar questions

Webinar objectives

  • Highlight the results of a systematic review of supervised injection services in Canada and abroad.
  • Understand the outcomes that supervised injection services have at the level of the individual and of the community.
  • Illustrate the day-to-day operation of a supervised injection service to understand how health and social services are provide

Webinar presenters

  Mary Clare Kennedy, MA
  Research Associate, BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU)


  Tim Gauthier, RN, MN
  Clinical Coordinator, Vancouver Coastal Health, Insite & Onsite


Funding for this educational opportunity is provided by Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. This webinar series is co-hosted by the Opioid Resource Hub (PSSP/EENet) and the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario.